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innocent_sin: Willow and Spike looking at each other with the text  "Wait for you" on it. (Wait)

Innocent Sin:

A Spillow Community

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Name:Innocent Sin: A Spillow Community
Location:Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:This is a Spillow Community. We celebrate all things Spike/Willow!!!
This is a Spillow Community where all things Willow/Spike are celebrated. All ratings and genres are accepted!!! This is a moderated community and you must be 18 to belong and your birthdate must be on your profile to be accepted.

There are a few rules ... not many so don't worry I won't bite ...

At the moment I, [profile] shakensilence, am the maintainer to this community so things will likely be slow. This profile is a work in progress at the moment and I plan on adding to it.

Please put things behind a cut. Have a small header as to what is behind the cut with appropriate ratings and warnings, but I would like to see all basic content behind a cut. Exceptions: 100 word drabbles that are worksafe and 3 worksafe icons.

There will be a points system and as soon as I get that sorted out I'll post that here as well as have a post with the details about that in the comm proper tagged neatly and easy to find.

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